Toddler Collection: 1-2 Years

Collection: Toddler Collection: 1-2 Years

Shop our collection of handmade wooden
toys and learning products that are safe and
developmentally appropriate for 1-2-year-olds.
Shop our collection of handmade wooden
toys and learning products that are safe and
developmentally appropriate for 1-2-year-olds.

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The Playful Peacock Difference

  • About the Playful Peacock

    The Playful Peacock was created in 2021 to curate creative, open-ended play for curious children. The Playful Peacock is privileged to operate in Tkaronto/Toronto. 

  • Quality Toys Designed to Last 

    We are steadfast in our selection of toy makers that we work with.

     Our offerings are from Canadian, female-owned, BIPOC and/or family-owned brands that are firmly rooted in environmental practices with strong ethical standards. We adamantly align ourselves with makers we are proud of and who are equally dedicated to sustainability, transparency and ethical labour, including paying living and fair wages. The majority of the toys these brands make are handmade, natural wooden toys that forge limitless play for kids to enjoy for years.

  • The Handmade Difference

    The Playful Peacock’s toys are built with quality and care to last for generations. All of the toys are safe and made with individualized love and attention using a high-caliber of materials and finishes that do not include any harmful additives. Our toys will quickly become an heirloom through their high-quality and endless enjoyment. 

  • Materials Matter

    Plastic toys are typically mass-produced and easily breakable. These toys can contribute to sweatshops, unfair labour conditions and pollution in general.

    While wooden toys are a step in the right direction, not all wooden toys are made the same. There are many wooden dupes to be aware of cheap, mass-produced wooden toys that are just as harmful as plastic! For example, softwood and plywood can chip and splinter easily, while non-handcrafted wooden toys often are filled with harmful toxic paints, finishes, and sealants. 

    Consciously opting for ethical, handcrafted wooden toys (renewable wood is even better) is safer for your child, is way more dependable and a kinder contributor to our already fragile planet. 

    The manufacturing process our makers use considers Mother Earth first through strict FSC Certifications, non-toxic paint, and planet-friendly materials across every single product. After placing an order, you will receive your newly beloved toy in 99% plastic-free, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable packaging, down to the stickers and tape.

  • The Right Toy At The Right Time 

    Children are naturally drawn to play toys that they can master and that is right for their particular stage of development.

    With a wide range of toys available for kids ages 0-1, 1-2, 2-3 and 3+,  you can ensure the toy is safe, age-appropriate, and developmentally appropriate, too. The majority of our toys focus on fun and subtle learning, and open-ended play, while being Montessori approved.

  • Ethical Toys Making A Difference 

    We are a purpose-first brand and a business second.

    With a deep awareness that the toy industry must do better, we are committed to our part through advocacy for a range of social justice causes, environmental advancement and stringent criteria for makers. We are changemakers and give back through every purchase by donating meals to children in need across 26 Indigenous communities within Canada.