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Toys are more than a little bit of fun for kids! Toys are also integral to their development. The right toys, of course, provide entertainment and thrill, but they can also guide your child toward learning and growing. 

However, as a parent, it can be overwhelming when you look at our website to determine which toys your child will enjoy and thrive with. For all the parents and caregivers out there: we’ve got you! Read on to discover our top picks for ages 0-3+! 

0-1 Year Old Toy Essentials 

Rattles are a wonderful choice for babies aged 0-1 years as they can support babies' sensory and motor development. The sound and movement of a rattle capture the attention of babies and while they discover the different sounds they can make all by themselves when shaking the rattle. Grasping and shaking can help babies develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, too! 

  • Wooden Rattle Eggs come in a set of three, with each one creating a unique musical sound, making this set the perfect first sensory toy! 

Huggabeau dolls are a loving and sweet choice, as they provide a soft and cuddly companion that can help promote emotional development. These dolls are designed with a range of textures and colors to stimulate sensory development, and their soft bodies make them easy to hold and carry! 

1-2 Year Old Toy Essentials 

Stacking toys are very popular for toddlers aged 1-2 years because they help support their cognitive and motor development while providing the opportunity for toddlers to practice their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and concentration as they stack and balance the pieces. While having a ton of fun, children will start to develop skills in shapes, sizes, and colors, and can encourage creativity and imagination as they experiment with different configurations. 

Wooden toys are another essential toy, as they encourage brilliantly imaginative play while supporting children’s fine motor skills. These toys help children to act out made-up stories,  scenarios, and characters, and can even help kids with problem-solving.

2-3 Year Old Toy Essentials 

What young one doesnt love to play with squishy, soft playdough?! Playdough and playdough stamps are fantastically fun toys for toddlers, as they help promote creativity, fine motor skills, and sensory development. Playdough invites children to mold and shape whatever they come up with, providing an outlet for their imagination and encouraging unique artistic expression. It also supports hand strength development and dexterity. When you then add in playdough stamps, they are a new twist on creativity, allowing children to imprint different shapes and patterns.

Help your little one with their imaginative play and develop a range of cognitive and motor skills with life-like wooden toys. These toys provide tangible representations of real-life objects and activities, allowing children to engage in role-play and practice their problem-solving skills.

3+ Year Old Toy Essentials 

Wooden toys that mimic real life events are a favorite for curious little ones who are starting to develop a bigger sense of the world around them. They are wonderful for children aged 3+ years as they promote creativity, sensory development, logic and problem solving skills and communication! They also nurture imagination since they are able to make up stories and characters as they go. 


At The Playful Peacock, we have proudly curated wonderful toys for children and organized them on our website according to age to hopefully create a smooth shopping process. Toys that are appropriate for a child's age group can help promote a range of cognitive, motor, and sensory skills while encouraging creativity, imagination, and curiosity. There are plenty of wonderful options based on the interests and preferences of your little ones. By providing children with the right toys at the right age, parents and caregivers can help foster their development and lay the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity and exploration.