Maker Spotlight

Discover the Magic of Learning with Yellow Door's Sensory and Educational Toys

The Playful Peacock

Today, we're excited to highlight Yellow Door - a brand that's not just about play, but about opening doors to new worlds of discovery and learning. It's no wonder this brand has become a favourite among our customers, consistently captivating children and parents alike with its innovative and educational toys. Join us in exploring why Yellow Door continues to enchant families and remains a staple in our collection!

Sensory Play Stones - A Journey Through Nature and Culture

Discover the world through touch with Yellow Door's Sensory Play Stones. From the "Breads of the World" to "Fruits," "Vegetables," "Leaves" and "Flowers," these stones are more than toys; they're a tactile experience that opens up conversations about diverse cultures and the beauty of nature. 

Vegetables sensory play stones in a pot

Creative Expression with Play Dough Rollers

Unleash creativity with Yellow Door's Play Dough Rollers. Themes like "Forest Friends," "Emotions," and "Ocean Life" not only ignite imaginative play but also aid in emotional intelligence and nature exploration. 

Emotions play dough roller and stamp

Let's Investigate Footprint Sensory Stones

Step into adventure with the "Woodland," "Farmyard," "Dinos," and "Polar" Footprint Sensory Stones. These stones are a creative pathway to storytelling and a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom. Press them into play-dough, sand or mud for a fun sensory activity or take them out on your next walk to see what you can discover!

Number and Phonics Pebbles - Foundations for the Future

Yellow Door's Number and Phonics Pebbles are building blocks for early literacy and numeracy skills. In each pebble lies a world of learning opportunities, perfectly sized for little hands!

Why Choose Yellow Door?

Yellow Door stands out in a world of toys with its unwavering commitment to creating educational, safe, and durable toys. Their unique blend of organic resin and real stone ensures each toy withstands the test of time and the rigors of play. Every Yellow Door toy is a testament to the brand's passion for fostering enriching, language-rich play environments, crucial for a child's learning and future success.


In the realm of educational play, Yellow Door is a beacon of innovation and quality. Their toys are not just playthings; they're tools for growth, discovery, and joy. For moms seeking toys that combine educational value with durability and safety, Yellow Door is the go-to choice. Let your child's imagination and learning soar with these incredible learning toys. Discover the full Yellow Door collection here.