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The Ultimate Play Guide for the Busy Parent

The Playful Peacock

Children look up to you, as their greatest love, confidant and best friend. They learn from you, yearn to laugh with you, and adore getting your full attention. 

Butare you a working parent juggling that very fine line between work, responsibility and spending quality time with your kids? We feel you. Being a parent is the hardest job and despite wanting to do it all, there simply is not enough time in the day.  

However! We do have some playtime tips that will satisfy your child’s desire to have fun with you, while building your relationship through interactive play. 

Prioritize Play Time  

Play is essential to a child's development. Playtime promotes the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children. 

While kids adore playing with their friends and/or siblings, time with parents is notably special. Bonding through playtime can help parents connect with their children through unrestricted fun. It develops a better understanding of the child by watching their decision-making choices without that real-life pressure. 

The parent must allow the child to lead playtime. Of course, the parent can offer suggestions, but the child should have the freedom of their imagination to run wild.  It's not just the child who has fun, either! Through a playful and open mindset, parents' emotional well-being will improve and relieve stress. 

Suggestions for the Busy Parent

Time goes by fast, so grab on and take noteyou’ll be amazed at how much you can have with just a little bit of time.

1. Five Minute Magic

Research shows that as little as five minutes together daily can positively benefit the parent-child relationship. What you can do with five minutes:

  • Play word games 
  • Create jokes and riddles together
  • Juggle 
  • Play indoor hopscotch 
  • Play a round of charades

2. Tangible Skills

Spend time to teach your children life skills such as:

This can be made fun by doing it alongside them and helping them to understand their limits while encouraging fun and laughter. 

3. Gardening 

You're going to need to tend to the garden so, involve your child and make it play time while giving them the responsibility of a small plant to care for. We have the perfect 6 piece gardening tool set for your budding gardener.

4. Laundry 

If you're constantly doing laundry, involve your kids by scattering mismatched socks on the floor for them to match as a fun competition. 

5. Dance Party 

Crank up the tunes and dance together!

6. Cloud Watch

While on a walk, look for shapes or animals in the clouds.

7. Go Backyard Camping

Use your lawn for backyard camping with all the traditional fun like building a campfire, making smores, stargazing, and more! Don't forget to pack our Wooden Camping set!

8. Bathtime Fun 

Surprise your children by putting glow sticks in the bath and turning the lights off! 

9. Build a Fort

Join your little ones in building an epic fort. Set a 20-minute timer for it to be done by!

It’s Always Worth It

No matter how busy your life gets, try to schedule time on your personal and work calendar for family time. These moments will forge not only beautiful memories but bring your family closer together!