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Intentional Toys for Homeschooling

The Playful Peacock

At The Playful Peacock, our focus is on creating intentional toys that not only bring joy but also functionality. The result? Durable toys that can challenge your little one while encouraging creativity and concentration. We believe in hands-on activities for long-term positive impact on childhood education.

Having the right toys at your disposal makes homeschooling easier—for everyone! By curating Playful Peacock toys with learning values built in, any toy your child reaches for will reinforce education. Kids naturally love to play, and research tells us that children learn best through playtime. 

Below are some of our favourite toys for homeschooling to add a little fun to your child’s homeschooling journey. 

Toys Your Homeschooler Will Love

Toys to Learn About Letters and the Alphabet:

  • The Wooden Alphabet Puzzle and Letter Matching Game is designed for tactile play of the alphabet including all 26 uppercase and lowercase letters. This toy can grow with your little one, as it can be used by young children to learn letters and for older children to complete the puzzle as fast as they can.

  • Our Animal Alphabet Blocks showcases letters, numbers and animals on every block to aid with motor skills, dexterity, problem-solving and learning the alphabet. Blocks offer numerous games including practicing numbers, letters, sounds, spelling, identifying pictures, words, and stacking and building. 



  • Support your childs understanding of the alphabet and related items with our Alphabet Wooden Block Frame. It also guides your child in developing hand-eye coordination and concentration. 

Practical Toys:

  • Our Handmade Wooden Clock is the ideal homeschooling clock. It will help guide your lesson planning, and act as a great educational tool for learning numbers and the time. 


  • Our Wooden Doctor Set allows your little one to play with common instruments found in a doctor's office! This type of play aids in boosting confidence, language and social skills. 

  • Our Handmade Wooden Tool Set is the perfect set for little ones who like to be super hands on and build! The set includes 8 items and 2 movable pliers and blades for endless fun. 

  • Handmade Wooden Kitchen Tool Set is made for the little chef! Elevate home economic class by involving kids with the help of this 8 piece set, that includes 7 different tools and a linen cooking apron. 

  • Our gorgeous mosaic car puzzle provides endless fun and aids in problem solving and creative thinking. 

Toys to Learn About Math and Numbers: 

  • The Wooden Shapes Montessori Puzzle Board will guide your child in expanding their knowledge of shapes, geometry practice, tracing and exploration! It features 18 basic shapes and their corresponding names. 

Toys are a wonderful way to enhance learning for homeschooled children. Which toy will you choose for your homeschool adventure?!