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Our Favourite Fall Toys & Play Activities

The Playful Peacock

Fall is a wonderful time of the year: the air gets a little crisper, the world is transformed into hues of red, yellow and orange while leaves crunch under your feet and it's finally time to carve pumpkins! For growing minds, the seasons changing from summer to fall can be both exciting and a little confusing, due to little ones' concepts of time. Teaching your children about the new season and all of the fun that comes along with it is a brilliant way to make the changes enjoyable. 

Below are some of our favourite fall toys and playtime activities that are sure to be a delight! 

5 Must-Have Fall Toys 

1. Handmade Wooden Leaf Puzzle

The changing trees and leaves are likely to be very stimulating for your kiddos. Engage with them to develop a stronger understanding of the different types of leaves with this handmade wooden leaf puzzle, which also aids with motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving.

2. Woodland Leaves Set 

With 40 toy leaves including 10 different types of leaves, this Woodland Leaves set offers endless opportunities for counting, matching, pattern making, storytelling and more! Your little one will love bringing the outdoors inside, without the mess (parental win!).


3. Handmade Wooden Pumpkin Stacking Toy

Take advantage of the season's harvest with this sweet pumpkin stacking toy, which has been thoughtfully designed to support your child's fine motor and balancing skills, colour and size recognition, counting and imaginative play. This one is bound to keep your little one occupied for hours! 


4. Wooden Acorn Plate & Sensory Tray

When a toy is multifunctional, we call that a big win. This handcrafted acorn plate and sensory tray is beautiful and practical as it can be used for snacking and playing. It is also available in an adorable apple shape, too! 

5. Nature Collection Alphabet Blocks

Fall is a great excuse to elevate everyone's favourite play toy: blocks! This 26 set of alphabet blocks is engraved on all six sides with uppercase letters, numbers and captivating North American nature-themed graphics. Blocks invite your child to improve upon their motor skills, and dexterity while learning and practising exciting new letters, sounds and words. This set of blocks comes in a 15-piece set, too. 

Learn About Fall Through Play

Kids love to learn through play! Here are some of our top suggestions for fall-tastic fun:

  • Go pumpkin and apple picking: Head to a local farm and explore the open space and go home with bags of apples to enjoy and pumpkins to carve. Many farms have plenty of learning resources and games on site to help your child understand the seasonal changes, too. 
  • Jump in the leaves: Simple yet timeless, make a giant pile of leaves and have fun jumping in! 
  • Make a seasonal sensory bin: Fill with dried leaves, pine needles and pine cones, soil, sand, and orange, yellow, and red play-dough for endless fun. 
  • Try squash/pumpkin painting: With decorative gourds or squashes, help your child dip them in poster paint and roll them on a large sheet of paper. Guide them in noticing how each type of squash leaves a different type of print on the paper and discuss fall’s seasonal produce. 

  • Make the most of the fleeting fall fun! What is your family's favourite part about fall?