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How To Make Gifts Feel Custom and Unique With Sticker Canada

The Playful Peacock

How does receiving a fabulous gift make you feel? Likely warm, loved, surprised, elated, and cared for. 

Those emotional responses are what you want to recreate when gifting another, especially when the gift is filled with a goodie from The Playful Peacock! The perfect present has the ability to brighten the recipient's mood, bring people closer together and help turn an ordinary accomplishment into a celebration!  

Whatever the occasion may be, gift-giving is a special event. One way to raise the stakes and make your gift stand out is to make your gift customized and unique. You can do this with Sticker Canada!

What is StickerCanada? 

StickerCanada is a Mississauga-based company that elevates every child's favourite thing: stickers! StickerCanada is an online custom sticker printing provider that truly does it all—from stickers and labels to business cards, hang tags and plenty more.

They're on a mission to create memorable, well-designed, customized stickers for any occasion. Plus, we really like them for their affordability and how everything they make is excellent quality material. 

Enhancing Gifts From The Playful Peacock with StickerCanada 

Even with the best wrapping paper, you’ll be surprised at what a beautiful sticker can do to personalize your gift. We have partnered with StickerCanada to make 100% customizable stickers so your gift stands out! 

While StickerCanada offers the following style of stickers for creativity…


Our personal favourite are the  Kraft Paper stickers as we are so passionate about sustainability and strive to do this in everything we do! By opting for this, we use eco-conscious stickers that are made from post and pre-consumer waste recycled materials, which feels great! 

This means for you, the customer, an enhanced gift and unboxing experience when you order with us. Whatever you are giving from The Playful Peacock , it will include our branded Kraft Paper stickers that match or relate to the gift inside! This really personalizes the experience and hopefully makes unboxing a lot more fun! 

All of our funky stickers come in plenty of fun variations, so you can get something different with each order. Sizes range anywhere between 1.3x1.3 in - 2.3x2.3 in and either circle, square or rectangle shape.

Or you can take full advantage of their offerings and do your own stickers to create something unique to you and your family. 

You can even turn the use of stickers into a game and make your kids guess what's inside! For example, if your little one is obsessed with these beautiful wooden Family of Bunnies, why not create their own personalized bunny stickers that you can adorn the wrapping with? Or, if they are receiving this one-of-a-kind Wooden Ballerina Music Box, why not make stickers that allow them to become a ballerina, too!? 

Or, you can keep it timeless and create stickers of your family's last name to adorn all the gifts you give out, so anyone who receives a gift from your family will be truly blown away! The possibilities really are endless. StickerCanada makes it super easy to order right online.

Once you place your order with us at The Playful Peacock, get excited to enjoy the work of StickerCanada all over! What stickers are you excited to see?!