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How To Celebrate And Talk To Your Kids About LGBTQ+ And Pride

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Who else is ready for June?! It's right around the corner—the official time to celebrate Pride Month! 

Of course, this is something that can be celebrated every month of the year, but it's the perfect time as parents and caregivers to teach our little ones about the importance of celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Pride Month is the best time to bring up these conversations about acceptance, diversity, and the momentousness of being inclusive! 

Books For Educating about LGBTQ+ and Pride 

Some parents may feel nervous or shy about discussing the LGBTQ+ community with their children, but it certainly does not have to be difficult or awkward. There are many great resources available to support parents in having these vital conversations! 

One of the top ways to spark a wonderful conversation with your children is by reading books that address LGBTQ+ themes. That's where our new book collection comes in! We believe in expanding knowledge through books and the bond reading together can build between child and parent. We are beyond excited to finally offer them to our customers. 

Our new collection features an incredible range of books that are suitable for kids of all ages. The books discuss equality, love, pride, gender, empathy, and more. These books are written by A KIDS CO, a modern company designed for kids with a collection of books that kickstart challenging, empowering, and important conversations. The books are fun, engaging, and best of all, brilliant for starting important conversations with your children.

For the upcoming pride month, we suggest the following: 

"A Kids Book About Equality" This book is a great way to introduce kids to the concept of equality and its importance. It's an appropriate book for younger kids who are just starting to learn about the world around them, and older kids who are becoming increasingly aware of the injustices in the world.

"A Little Book About Love" This book discusses all the various kinds of love that exist in our wonderful little world. It's incredible for teaching children about the importance of love and how it can help bring people together. This read is ideal for younger children who are just beginning to learn about emotions and relationships! 

"A Kids Book About Pride" These pages celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community and why Pride Month is celebrated and important. It's a useful tool to introduce kids to the concept of Pride and teach them about the struggles that LGBTQ+ people have faced throughout history and the adversity they continue to face today. This book is perfect for kids of any age and will help start a discussion on acceptance and inclusivity.

"A Kids Book About Gender” This book covers all the different gender identities that exist in the world and why respecting people's gender identities and using the correct pronouns is incredibly important. This book is perfect for older kids who are increasingly aware of the people around them. 

"A Kids Book About Empathy" and "A Kids Book About Love" are all about the power of understanding, showing love, and empathy towards others. Both books are sweet for younger kids who are increasingly asking questions about their emotions and relationships and older kids who are a little more aware of the importance of empathy and compassion.

As a parent, books are great tools for starting important conversations and encouraging your child to ask questions. Remember, your child is curious and keen to learn and expand their mind about the world, so be sure to be patient with their questions and answer them with kindness and directness! Explore these fun and engaging titles this upcoming Pride Month, to celebrate together in love, recognition, and diversity with our kids!