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Get Ready for Back to School With Our Top 5 Learning Toys

The Playful Peacock

The summer is going fast, which means that it’s almost time for back-to-school! 

The Playful Peacock is committed to bringing interactive and enjoyable play to children and parents alike.  Make this school year the most enriching one yet with our top five learning toys:

Learning Toy #1: The Wooden Magnetic Calendar 

The Playful Peacock’s Wooden Magnetic Calendar is a great choice for little ones who are just starting to learn about numbers. This calendar not only teaches your child how days and months work, but also how to prepare for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and so on. 

The calendar has two holes for hanging on the wall and is recommended for children 3 years and up. It is painted with non-toxic water-based colours and has markers for current days, the days of the week, mood, weather, and even seasons.

This calendar is for play, learning, and becoming a part of your child’s everyday life. 

Learning Toy #2: The Weather Wooden Station

Another one of our favourite learning toys? The Wooden Weather Station!

Manufactured by Moon Picnic in Germany, this interactive weather station teaches your child about the weather and seasons as they change. 

It touts a weather meter, dials that turn, a thermometer that slides, four movable parts, and five interchangeable weather symbols so your little ones can give a daily weather report.

This toy includes a cotton storage bag and information card, and is made from solid beech wood from environmental and specialized forests. 

It is painted with non-toxic water-based colours and is recommended for children three years and up. The purchase of this toy provides three meals to Indigenous Canadian children through our giving back program.

Learning Toy #3: The Montessori Wooden Counting Trays

Handmade in Turkey, the Montessori Wooden Counting Trays include 11 pieces, with individually-numbered trays ranging from one to 10.

These easy-to-use trays offer a fun and interactive method for children to develop their number recognition and formation skills–including one-to-one counting, addition, and even subtraction!

Increase question difficulty as your toddler ages for a learning toy that will grow alongside your little one year after year.

Learning Toy #4: The Wooden Alphabet Puzzle (Lowercase) 

This learning toy is the companion to The Playful Peacock’s Uppercase Alphabet Puzzle. It is recommended for children ages three years and up. 

The more your child uses this toy, the more their interest grows! Watch as your child’s ability to understand and distinguish alphabet letters by name and sound blooms alongside their capacity to use vowels, consonants, spelling, and even reading.

Learning Toy #5: The Wooden Shapes Puzzle Learning Board

Our final back-to-school learning toy for today is the Wooden Shapes Puzzle Learning Board.

We here at The Playful Peacock are proud to offer this puzzle to enrich your child’s learning about geometry, tracing, and exploration–like all puzzles, this toy teaches children the life skills of patience, resilience, and problem solving, all while being fun and easy for ages two to 10!

Learning Toys for Children

The Playful Peacock is proud to offer our top five learning toys for children in preparation for the coming school year. Which one from this list will you be buying first?