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Celebrating Canadian-Made Toys: Part 2

The Playful Peacock

As Canada Day approaches, it's the perfect time to embrace Canadian-made toys' magic and appreciate their remarkable craftsmanship. The Playful Peacock adores highlighting the crafty Canadian toymakers out there who bring exciting toys to our lives. We proudly serve as a gateway to explore an array of delightful toys.

In this article, we will highlight outstanding Canadian brands available on The Playful Peacock, discussing the importance of supporting local and unique features that make these toys a joy. 

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4 Canadian-Made Toy Brands You’ll Love 

Bumbleberry Toys

Bumbleberry Toys, a family-owned brand hailing from Alberta, Canada, takes pride in its meticulous craftsmanship. They offer a range of handmade and whimsical toys, from plush creatures to fabric playsets, their charming creations spark imagination and provide endless hours of play. They are committed to sustainability with certified eco-friendly stains and finishes. Once you discover the magic and craftsmanship of Bumbleberry Toys, you’ll be sure to fall in love with these extraordinary creations!

Little Larch

Little Larch focuses on eco-conscious toys made from natural materials. Their thoughtfully designed products include sensory play items, like dough, that encourage exploration, sensory development, and eco-awareness. All the toy's materials are carefully considered, including natural and safe ingredients, such as veggie colors and biodegradable glitter so every product is free from harmful chemicals! 

Tree Fort Toys

Tree Fort Toys is a Canadian and Mom-Owned brand located in Victoria, British Columbia that creates imaginative toys that are bound to transport children to exciting worlds of adventure. With a focus on intentional design, each product is carefully crafted to engage young minds and promote educational growth with a Montessori focus. 


Huggabeaus are beautiful cuddly companions! Huggabeau specializes in handmade, soft plush toys that provide comfort and companionship for little ones. The brand is Toronto-based and Mom and BIPOC owned, with each cozy Huggabeau entirely handmade using certified plant-derived linen. With their adorable designs and huggable nature, these toys become cherished friends for children.

The Importance Of Shopping Local 

Supporting Canadian-made toy brands not only celebrates our nation's talent but also fosters economic growth and sustains local communities. By choosing to purchase from local retailers, you are actively contributing to the success of Canadian artisans, toymakers, and businesses, preserving our cultural heritage and promoting a sense of national pride. Benefits include: 

Economic Growth: When you choose to buy Canadian-made toys, you directly support local businesses and contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy. This helps create jobs, foster entrepreneurship, and strengthen the financial well-being of individuals and communities across the country.

    Quality and Craftsmanship: Canadian toy makers take pride in their work, ensuring that each toy is made with care, attention to detail, and high-quality materials. By purchasing locally made toys, you can trust in their durability, safety, and longevity.

    Unique and Thoughtful Designs: Canadian toy makers often infuse their products with unique and thoughtful designs. These toys go beyond mere entertainment and engage children's imagination, creativity, and cognitive development. 

    Sustainable and Ethical Practices: Canadian toy brands place a strong emphasis on sustainable and ethical practices, prioritizing eco-friendly materials, fair labor practices, and reducing their environmental impact. By choosing Canadian-made toys, you support companies that align with your values and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

      Cultural Identity and Heritage: Canadian-made toys often reflect our diverse cultural identity and heritage. They celebrate our rich history, traditions, and values, offering children the opportunity to connect with their own Canadian identity.

        Happy Canada Day! 

        As we approach Canada Day, let's celebrate the excellence of Canadian-made toys and the incredible brands available on The Playful Peacock. From natural and sustainable creations to whimsical playsets and educational toys, Canadian brands offer an array of enriching experiences for children. What better way to celebrate Canada Day 2023 than by supporting local toy makers?!