Maker Spotlight

Celebrating Canadian Toy Makers

The Playful Peacock

At The Playful Peacock, we love supporting local businesses and Canadian makers. When you shop locally, it builds community and has a positive impact on the environment, with shorter travel times and a reduced carbon footprint. Your local economy is strengthened and you're helping to create a greater future for the next generation.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at some locally owned businesses that we love supporting. 

Maker Mind Toys in Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Maker Mind Toys is a female-owned workshop that is dedicated to creating elaborate laser engraved alphabet blocks that are made of local, sustainably sourced Canadian hardwood. 

What makes these blocks so special is that they have unique and original designs. From minimal to floral to animal patterns, these blocks come in sets of 26 and 15, depending on which one is selected. 

From their beautiful designs, to being a Canadian and female-owned company, there are so many reasons we love to support Maker Mind Toys!

The Wooden Kind in Sudbury, Ontario

The Wooden Kind is a small, independent, family-owned workshop located in Sudbury, Ontario. This company is committed to creating and selling handmade wooden toys for babies and young children. 

The toys’ simplistic designs have a mission: to inspire children’s imagination and ingenuity while providing a toy choice that is free of plastic. These beautiful wooden toys inspire reminiscence in parents and grandparents, and can also be used to decorate the home in a beautiful, understated way. 

Little Rose & Co. in Burlington, Ontario

Little Rose & Co. is a Canadian family-owned business in Ontario that crafts handmade wooden toys that encourage using imagination through play! Run by a mom and pop duo since 2015, their toys bring a sense of wonder and adventure into your child's play.

Dough Parlour in Toronto, Ontario

Our next brand is Dough Parlour, founded and owned by Natalie, a Canadian mother, woman of colour, and Early Childhood Educator. This brand got its start when Natalie’s students started to continually ask her to make her play dough.

For a little over a decade, Natalie spent her time improving and testing her dough recipe before finally achieving the goal of making her play dough out of 100% food-based, non-toxic ingredients. It's the softest and most incredible smelling dough you'll ever find, loved by children and parents alike.

AW & Co. in Chilliwack, British Columbia

AW & Co. is a family-owned shop in British Columbia, Canada where two parents, Alisa and William, create an incredible line of unique children’s products that are made from sustainably sourced Canadian hardwoods and food-grade finishes. Each product is entirely handcrafted, making them one of a kind heirloom pieces you'll cherish for generations.

Supporting Canadian Toy Makers Year-Round

This year, we at The Playful Peacock are celebrating Canadian makers this Canada Day, and all year long! Shop our broad range of Canadian toy makers today! An added bonus? When you shop through The Playful Peacock, your purchase helps donate meals to Canadian Indigenous families in need!