My Breathing Earth | Hardcover

by Raincoast Books

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It slips through my window each morning. It bounces our bubbles like little boats bobbing. It pulls the clouds aside so the smiling moon can light up my room.

In this poignant and lyrical tale, author Paul Many and artist Tisha Lee evoke the joy that a little girl experiences as she thrills to the beauty of what she calls "Earth's breath"—the air surrounding her.

Delightful illustrations draw readers through the girl's vivid sensations of Earth's breath from the time it flutters her eyelashes open in the morning until it cradles her as she sleeps at night.

An author's note provides fun facts about the atmosphere, as well as actions children may take to help their Earth breathe better. Perfect for gift-giving, this charming book is sure to become a treasured addition to any child's library and will inspire the curious minds of young environmentalists and nature lovers alike.

  • Features

    Dimensions: 11" H x 11" W x 1" L
    Format: Picture Book
    No. of Pages: 36
    Release Date: Aug 11, 2023
    Publisher: Yeehoo Press
    ISBN: 9781953458629

  • Age/Safety

    Audience: Ages 6-8

  • About the Author

    Paul Many has been publishing award-winning children's books for the last 20 years. He lives on an airy street in the Midwest with his wife, Linda, and 29 anonymous potted plants, and talks almost daily with his grown-up daughter, Zoe, a design director in LA. He believes that every breeze carries with it a new experience if we can only stay astonished enough.

    Tisha Lee is an artist living in California. She loved drawing from an early age, which later evolved into studying fine art and art history in college. She happily works out of a light-filled studio in her backyard with a few dogs at her feet. She mostly uses gouache and finds inspiration in the details and diversity of everyday life.

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