Kinfolk Pantry Assorted Colours Mini Eco Cutter Set

by Kinfolk Pantry

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Unleash a rainbow of creativity with the Assorted Colours Mini Eco Cutter Set from Kinfolk Pantry! This vibrant, open-ended play set is perfect for inspiring imaginative adventures and creating a world of playful scenes. Designed for endless fun, these mini eco-cutters are great for pairing with our natural play doughs or for baking delightful cookies. With ten bright and fun shapes—Car, Boat, Rocket, Dino, Shell, Bear, Heart, Ice Cream, Butterfly, and Flower—your child will have a treasure trove of options to explore.

Each cutter is lovingly crafted from recycled wood-mill sawdust and PLA plastic, ensuring an eco-friendly playtime. PLA plastic is derived from plant-based sources like fermented corn starch, while the sawdust is recycled and untreated. Plus, the cutters are dyed using natural, plant-based dyes, adding a burst of colour without compromising on safety. As a family-owned Australian brand, Kinfolk Pantry is dedicated to promoting natural learning and fun through ethically made, eco-friendly, and non-toxic products. 

Why we love the Kinfolk Pantry Assorted Colours Eco Set:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Made from recycled wood-mill sawdust and PLA plastic for sustainable play.
  • Colourful Creativity: Includes ten mini cutters in bright, fun shapes and colours.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for play dough, cookie making, and imaginative play scenes.
  • Natural Dyes: Dyed with plant-based dyes, ensuring safety and eco-friendliness.
  • Ethically Made: Produced by a family-owned brand committed to eco-friendly practices.

Bring home the Assorted Colours Eco Cutter Set and watch your child’s creativity bloom into a world of colorful, eco-friendly play!

  • Features

    • Set includes 10 mini eco-cutters: Car, Boat, Rocket, Dino, Shell, Bear, Heart, Ice Cream, Butterfly, Flower

  • Materials

    • Eco Cutters are made from recycled wood-mill sawdust and PLA plastic. PLA plastic is derived from plant-based sources such as fermented corn starch and the sawdust we use is recycled and untreated.
    • Coloured with non-toxic, food-safe dyes

  • Age/Safety

    • Recommended for children 3 years+

  • Care/Cleaning

    • To prolong the life of your biodegradable Eco Cutters, avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or moisture. Store them in a cool, dry place when not in use and don't forget, they will wear faster than traditional plastics. Being eco-friendly, they will age as everything is supposed to, and leave little behind.

  • About the Brand

    Kinfolk Pantry is a family-owned Australian brand with a passion for natural learning and fun! They specialize in early learning and play resources that are ethically made out of recycled and plant-based materials, eco-friendly and non-toxic, and packaged using only compostable and recycled materials.

    Lovingly made from their home to yours, these small-batch products are sure to spark some creativity and imaginative play at home.

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