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The Playful Peacock’s Commitment to Sustainability

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As a parent, you will quickly discover the love affair your children have with their favourite toys! Nothing provides endless entertainment and thoughtful play. You will also quickly discover the sheer amount of plastic involved in almost every aspect of toys, from the packaging to the actual pieces! This is even more apparent throughout the holiday season. 

It's a frustration we share and what inspired The Playful Peacock's commitment to curating toys that make a difference and contribute to sustainability. 

Sustainability Matters 

As parents, the toys we invite into our child’s life matter. Playtime is important, and we noticed that our own children were not super invested in gimmicky toys, but rather they were drawn towards simple, open-ended toys. What children play with makes a significant difference to their development and the planet. 

As parents, if we are going to purchase plastic toys, look for brands that are certified to be recycled plastics to avoid contributing to the pure plastic toys that end up in landfills or waterways due to their inability to biodegrade. According to research, 80% of toys end up in a landfill, incinerators or the ocean. Shockingly, one plastic toy kitchen consists of enough plastic to produce 400 plastic water bottles

So opting for toys made by Uno, Lego, Little Tikes, and Rock-a-Stack are dedicated to alternative materials. For example, Uno makes a recyclable deck of cards and Lego has committed to replacing the plastic in Lego blocks and in their packaging. These little steps make a huge impact! 

To be considered a “sustainable toy,” a toy must be made up of biodegradable natural materials including renewable wood, cotton, bamboo, or wool, created in a nonpolluting way, without releasing carbon, greenhouse gasses, or chemical toxins. 

Nearly every single toy on The Playful Peacock is made with sustainable wood—but it is important to note that not all wooden toys are made the same. The toy market is sneaky and understands parents' desires to buy better for their kids, which means a lot of toys are mass-produced, rather than hand-crafted, with elements that are just as bad as plastic, including toxic paints, finishes and sealants that can negatively impact your child's health. 

When determining if the wood is sustainable, look for handcrafted solid hardwoods and companies that are transparent about what is included in their product, and their environmental impact. Remember, if a company has nothing to hide, it will be proud to shout out its practices! 

Holiday Season Sustainable Suggestions

When you shop on our site, you can feel at ease that you are shopping for toys that are great for your child's development and the earth. After all, you are leaving the earth to your little ones, so today’s contributions matter.  Our toys are from Canadian, female-owned, BIPOC and/or family-owned brands. This contributes to our sustainability model as supporting local and forging relationships with local people, supports the local economy and the planet. Importantly, all of our packaging is all made from recycled materials—including our packing tape—which means it is all 100% recyclable. 

If you are looking for other ways to support sustainability this season here are some great, simple ways:

Donate money or items in someone's name to a charity as a gift.

Use washable/reusable plates, glasses and cutlery when hosting a party or meal. Try borrowing or renting if you do not have enough!

Plan holiday meals in advance to avoid waste, and meal plan any leftovers.

Opt for cloth napkins instead of paper.

Wrap gifts in newspaper, fabric or recycled paper. Opt for reusable gift wrap, tissue or bags.

Send holiday emails and/or phone others instead of sending cards. Or pick a card made of recycled materials.

      The Playful Peacock is committed to sustainable practices that can reduce harmful practices on the earth and its people and are always progressing towards doing our best! Explore our exciting selection of high-quality wooden toys to enhance and expand your child's playtime.