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Supporting Women, Family, BIPOC and Canadian-Owned Brands

The Playful Peacock

Every dollar counts when it comes to making a positive change in the world. As consumers, we hold a lot of power when we make a purchase. By being mindful and shopping ethically and sustainably, not only do we receive quality products, but we send a message to companies about the values and products we want. 

It's a very important part of our mission at The Playful Peacock to treat Mother Earth kindly and to support local, women's, family, BIPOC, and Canadian-owned brands, which we want to highlight. Read on! 

How The Playful Peacock Chooses Toys for Our Shop

When we started The Playful Peacock, we agreed on ethics, respect and sustainability as our pillars. Each product on our online store didn't end up there by accident. Rather, each product is thoughtfully hand-selected based on said pillars and the desire to spark play in little ones.

Being ethical in our buying process means we only buy from companies that align with our personal values. Things that we seek are:

  • Are they a responsible brand? How?
  • Where do they source their materials? 
  • Do they pay their workers fair wages and provide a safe working environment? 
  • What are their brand values?
  • Are they family-owned, women-owned, or/and BIPOC owned? 

Our own playtime and fun shouldn't come at the cost of other people's freedom or at the sake of our environment. But unfortunately, that is often the case.

The Importance Of The Playful Peacocks Mission 

Plastic toys account for 90 per cent of the toy market. According to ecoBirdy, 80 per cent of toys end up polluting a landfill, in incinerators or in the ocean, while 90 per cent are toys that are played with for just six months. Yet, even before that stage, the mere production of plastic toys releases extremely harmful toxic emissions into the environment. Plus, when consciously selecting local and Canadian brands, there are fewer emissions when shipping your goods and it requires less plastic packaging. 

Reports highlight the inhuman treatment of toy factory workers including workers being overworked, not given any health and safety training, being extremely underpaid and being forced to sign unjust contracts that provided poor living quarters, with unsanitary facilities. This is often for big-name toy brands like Hasbro and Disney. 

Supporting small businesses, especially those that are women, family BIPOC and Canadian-owned is incredibly important. Doing so generates money into the local community, while challenging extensive historical sexism and discrimination in access to bank funding, and generational wealth, challenging inequality. 

At The Playful Peacock, we vow to distance ourselves from that and create a positive impact in the world for the future of the planet and our children. 

Brands That I Love

All the brands that we sell are making a positive impact on the planet and people. These include: 

Imani Collective: A leading ethical impact brand whose environmentally conscious products are handmade by 130+ empowered artisans in Kenya. 

Maker Mind Toys: A Canadian and Female-Owned company specializing in intricate laser-engraved alphabet blocks made of sustainable Canadian hardwoods.

Dough Parlour: Canadian and Female Owned company that creates non-toxic, 100% food-based doughs infused with incredible smells. 

Huggabeau: BIPOC, a female and Canadian-owned brand whose dolls are handmade in Canada from certified plant-derived linen.

Wooden Story: This family-owned company makes everything by hand using FSC Certified wood and is finished with natural botanical oils and beeswax. 

Gladfolk: This family-owned company strictly works with local, ethical and fair-trade suppliers making a commitment to high-quality material and excellence. 

Tiny Fox Hole: A family-owned brand that uses sustainably sourced wood that is safe for children. 

When you shop at The Playful Peacock, you make a conscious contribution to a better future for the planet and its children. What are some of your favourite ethical brands?