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Simple Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

The Playful Peacock

Regardless of what you celebrate over the holidays, it's the perfect time to prioritize giving back to others in your community. There are a number of ways you can do this, from volunteering to donating your time or money, to doing something extra special for someone. Spreading kindness is the number one goal of the holidays so we have curated 11 ways to make this festive time brighter for everyone. 

Make It A Family Affair 

At The Playful Peacock, we believe in the power of family and in making beautiful memories. So, why not involve all of your loved ones when planning how to give back this year? Getting your children's input and excitement will be a fun learning experience. 

You can have a conversation about:

Why it's important to give back, especially during the holidays 
What type of organization or people they would like to support
How they would like to give back 


    This conversation should hopefully foster some creative approaches and ideas that involve the whole family! 

    11 Ways to Give Back

    1. Donate warm clothing

    Support vulnerable people in the community by donating winter coats, hats and mittens for others to stay warm and bundled up. 

    2. Make a financial donation 

    Donating money is a tangible way to support causes that you believe in. Remember that you don't have to give an enormous amount, every amount makes a difference. 

    3. Exercise for a good cause 

    Run, workout, skip rope or dance as a family to raise money for your chosen cause. Or, join an organized race. 

    4. Spend time at a care home 

    Elderly people may not have loved ones to spend time with during the holidays, so spending time at a care home can really make a positive impact. Older people particularly love the energy and words of little ones. 

    5. Help decorate other's homes 

    You can make someone's day by decorating their home with joyful Christmas lights and providing them with a Christmas tree or Menorah. 

    6. Offer to do errands
    This time of the year is stressful and busy! Take tasks and errands off someone's hands by grocery shopping or doing the school run for them. 

    7. Shovel a stranger's driveway
    Get your family together and make an impact by cleaning up strangers’ driveways. 

    8. Connect with someone
    Consider the people you know who may have experienced hardships or loss this year. The holidays can really exasperate loneliness, which you can help alleviate with a family video call, phone call, making plans or sending cards.  

    9. Bake and gift warm treats
    Surprise people in your apartment block or neighbourhood with tasty, festive treats. Baking is a fantastic way to bond with your family, too. 

    10. Volunteer to wrap presents
    Many charitable organizations raise money by wrapping gifts in exchange for a donation. It’s a creative way to spread holiday cheer towards a good cause.  

    11. Shop The Playful Peacock
    The Playful Peacock is dedicated to sustainability and giving back. When you choose to shop with us, you are also supporting eradicating childhood hunger in Canada. The Playful Peacock is partnered with Canadian Feed The Children to help provide meals to children in need across 26 Indigenous Communities. Each product shows how many meals are associated with the product, so you know the true impact!

    Give Back

    Giving back over the holiday season is an uplifting, wonderful way to spread joy to those who really need it. Simultaneously, it teaches your little ones the power of kindness and empowering others. How do you plan to give back this year?