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Our Favourite Toys For Spring

The Playful Peacock

As Canadians, something magical happens when we get the first hint of spring and kiss away the darkness of the winter. Canadians across the nation LOVE it!

As parents, all over the world, it is a highly invigorating time. We get to experience the great outdoors more with our children (without needing 15 layers!), we can appreciate and discuss all the new flowers and blooms, and everyone's moods heighten due to the glorious sun! Spring can be a deeply healing and energizing time. 

Why Do Kids Love The Spring?

Consider what makes your child smile throughout spring. 

Here are some reasons you little on may jump for joy this happy season:

Puddles! The sun is saying hello but April traditionally means rain. For kids that means inviting, jumpable puddles! 

Eating al fresco, BBQing and picnics, which means getting to eat yummy picnic foods like hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches. Yay! 

Extended playtime outside as it remains light way after school time, until 8 pm! 
Time for bike rides and baseball games!

Animals awaken from hibernation and there are plenty of new baby animals born, especially cute little rabbits. 

Camping season is upon us.  

No more heavy jackets and boots to carry around just to go outside. 

Exciting new flowers and trees to look at and discover. 

    Spring Cleaning 

    In the spirit of reinvigoration and change that spring brings, it often means one thing: spring cleaning! What about bringing these principles into your child's toys? 

    At The Playful Peacock, we pride ourselves in carefully curating toys that are in line with our principles. This means all our toys are designed to spark curiosity and play while respecting and protecting our planet. You won't find any toys in our shop that have batteries or plastic. Plus. every product we stock is ethically made and sustainably sourced. Oh! And all our products are kid-approved!

    Here are some of our favourite spring focussed toys that your little one can enjoy for years to come: 

    Wooden Weather Station: This is a fun, interactive toy that can be integrated with your child's daily routine to learn about the weather! With 4 movable parts, your little meteorologists can report and forecast the weather each day.

    "In Bloom"  and “A Walk Through The Seasons" Vegan Play cloth: Your child controls what they wish to do with this one of a kind, hand-illustrated cloth. Build a den, dance with it, dress up in it, or hang it on the wall as a stunning piece of art, the choice is all yours.

    Wooden Mosaic Puzzle, Flower: This puzzle is hand cut, sanded, and finished by the artisan and invites your child to put together the puzzle, play with the pieces and get creative. 

    Pink Rose Dough: Bring the garden inside with this fabulous dough that smells just like a fresh-cut bouquet of roses! 

    Flower Eco Stamp Set (Biodegradable Play Dough Stampers): Pair your Pink Rose Dough with this incredible Flower Eco Stamp Set!  Your little one can learn, play and press with this fun set. 

    Garden Bugs Play Dough Rollers & Stamper Set: Let your child’s creativity run free as they play with creepy crawlies safely indoors! Your little one can press and roll and stamp their dough to create their very own garden scenes.

    Handmade Wooden Gardening Set:  Future gardener, here we come! Use these beautiful, handmade wooden gardening shears, shovel, water can, and more for creative and engaging fun. 

    Weather Stones: Ever wanted to play with the weather? Now you can. These durable stones can be used to record the weather, plan a forecast, sort or match the different conditions, create stories and so much more!
    Wooden Bluebell Flower Toy: Elegant and one of a kind, this toy invites open-ended, and creative playtime. 

    We wish you and your family the happiest of springs! May it bring all the wonderful change and uplifting days you desire and deserve.