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How To Have A Sustainable Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day is about sharing and spreading love to all the wonderful people in your life, from friends, and family to colleagues and classmates. But who else should be thought of? The planet of course! 

The sad reality of Valentine's Day is the negative impact of copious waste from disposing of flowers, paper, plastic packaging, bottles and cards. The unfortunate reality is that most of these are not recyclable, so this waste has a one-way ticket to landfills. But—you can certainly be a conscious cupid this year by making sustainable swaps for Valentine's 2023.  

Sustainable Swaps to be a Conscious Cupid 

As parents, it can be really daunting to see your child come home with a sack of cards and goodies for them to just go right into the bin when they are over it. By educating your little ones about the impacts of Valentine’s Day you can get them interested in being sustainable from the get-go, and make creative alternatives. 

Buy bulk

It's hard to say no to some traditional, sugary sweets for Valentine's. Rather than buying individual bags of individually wrapped sweets, go to a local bulk or health foods store to let your sweetie pick some sweets in bulk! 

Create your cards 

What is more thoughtful than a personalized, handmade card?! These will beat out a store-bought card any day and invite your little one to get creative with their cards and words. You can use recycled paper and existing items you have in the house. 

Give the gift of time 

Little ones love one on one time with their parents, so why not spoil them with a fun activity that you can do together?! 

Plants > flowers 

Flowers are sweet but plants are long-term! Plants have excellent benefits for improving air quality, reducing stress, improving well-being and encouraging your child to sustain and care for the plant. 

Bake goodies 

Build fun new memories together by baking some delicious treats, or opt for a visit to a locally owned bakery. 


While you can make strong strides towards sustainability, you may still receive some cards from friends and family. You can use them to have a sweet crafting afternoon, by upcycling cards to make fun banners, streamers or posters. 

Gifts that last 

Purchasing a durable, long-lasting gift for your child is a top way to be kind to the planet on Valentine’s Day. With a lovely gift, you can avoid any sweets, cards or other items and give them tons of fun they can enjoy well after Valentine's.  Some sustainably friendly gifts your little ones will love include: 

Be Mine, Valentine 

This Valentine’s Day, support sustainability by concentrating less on consumerism and more on celebrating the true meaning: love! If you’re going to shop this Valentine’s Day, browse The Playful Peacock for ethical and thoughtful gifts.