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Creating Sustainable Easter Baskets

The Playful Peacock

What is better than celebrating Easter with your little ones?! There is something so sweet and fun about the bunny-shaped chocolates from the Easter bunny, painted eggs, bunny ears, and exciting scavenger hunts that challenge your kiddos. 

However, we aren't equally as excited about the wastefulness that comes with the holiday! We're here to step in as your environmental best friend, here to offer our top tips and advice on how to make this year's Easter celebrations a lot more eco-conscious and sustainable. 

Putting Together A Eco-Friendly Easter Basket 

Starting with the basket itself — ask yourself, “do I really need to get a new one?!” Instead, check in with what's lying around the house and you might be surprised to see what you can repurpose and reuse as an Easter basket! Why not use a cute storage basket!? If you must buy, start by checking out your local thrift store. Your kids are going to be most obsessed with what's inside, anyway. 

Speaking of what's inside, let’s put our sustainable twist on…

The Eggs 

While plastic eggs are cute to admire and look at, they are not cute for the planet. Most are made of plastic or other sketchy materials that aren’t recyclable. They might be cute and exciting for a moment, but they will likely just end up in the trash after. Instead, may we suggest an investment with these gorgeous Wooden Birds Eggs with Basket or these Wooden Rattle Eggs, both made out of wood and offer the same fun cuteness!  Or, of course, keep in 100% with hard-boiled eggs that can later double as a protein-rich snack. 

The Dyes 

If you're going to work with hard-boiled eggs, you will want to be mindful of the dye ingredients anyway, and you can achieve very bright and bold colours using red cabbage and beets for pink, turmeric and onion skin for yellow and orange. Or, go crazy and use a combination of whatever you wish, resulting in rainbow shades and hues. 

The Grass Stuffing 

The grass stuffing in the bask is mostly made of plastic. Instead, grab some paper out of the recycling and cut it up or put it through the shredder to make it look just like glass. Or, reach for some old fabric scraps or even leftover ribbons from Christmas wrapping. 

The Goodies 

There’s a 99% chance this will be your children’s favourite part: what goes inside the basket! Rather than sticking to the same thing as every year, switch things up with an Easter hunt for toys and items that your child will reach for weeks and months after Easter! 

Move over chocolate! This year, hide this wonderful Dress-Up Reversible Silk Crown in Rainbow or Starry Night!

Your kids will get super excited to see our Jelly Bean Play Dough, and Chocolate Egg Play Dough perfectly paired with the Bunny and Easter Egg and Easter Egg Eco Cutter Set for creative play!


They’re bound to cheer for these incredibly detailed wooden Wooden Peter Rabbit Set, Bella Bunny and wooden Beth Bunny!

If your little one loves stuffed animals, they will adore these Huggabeau Sootie Bunny and Huggabeau Lumi Bunny which are perfect for Easter. 

Want to get your baby involved? You can treat them to this Mini Soft Toy Rabbit Rattle, teaching them about sustainability from very early on. 

Green Easter Bunny 

This Easter, hop into a fabulous holiday, without the excess waste, so you don't have to worry about leaving a negative environmental impact from the day while educating your children on the importance of caring for mother Earth. How will you make your Easter greener this year?