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Embracing the Different Celebrations This Holiday Season

The Playful Peacock

Every year, December brings a month of celebration, family time, and school vacation. An array of holidays are observed in the month, including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, each of which includes the ritual of gift gifting.  This year, opt for kid-approved, hand-crafted gifts that spark play while respecting the planet, as none of The Playful Peacock toys includes batteries or plastic, which are huge culprits around the holidays! 

What Are The Different Holidays? 

No matter what you and your family celebrate, the holidays are the perfect time of year to discuss and learn about the different celebrations and traditions that are celebrated. Why not spend time with your child discussing and learning about the different holidays?

The first holiday of the month is Hanukkah, a Jewish celebration beginning on Sunday, December 18 until Monday, December 26 with 8 days spent lighting the menorah, eating traditional foods, and spinning the dreidel. Next up, is the Christian holiday of Christmas on December 25th, a day for togetherness, eating traditional food and opening stockings. Finally, Kwanzaa, a Pan-African, secular holiday that celebrates the African-American community's culture and heritage on December 26 - January 1st is celebrated with traditional food, cultural decorations like the kinara and African drumming and dancing. 

Top Gifts To Give This Holiday Season 

Watching a child you love open a gift they love is such a happy, heart-warming feeling! It's even better when the gift is of excellent value and long-lasting. We’re proud that all of our toys are ethically made, sustainably sourced and based on Montessori values.

As the holidays are all about giving back, all purchases directly support 26 Indigenous communities across Canada via Canadian Feed the Children! Each product on our site shows the number of meals that are donated so kids in need get healthy, nutritious meals thanks to you. 

Here are the top choices for this holiday season:

  • Handmade Reindeer Set: Made of 100% Canadian Walnut and Maple Wood, these festive stackable reindeer provide endless fun. 
  • Wooden Music Set: Perfect for the musician in the making, this sweet set includes a maraca, tambourine, xylophone, and castanet for playing with different sounds. 
  • Large Wooden Tree Plate: This convivial sensory tray is multi-purposeful. It can be used for snack time, playtime and creative sensory play. 
  • Rainbow Stacking Stars: Kiddos love the bright colours and textures of these sweet 12 stars that allow for imaginative, creative playtime.  
  • Wooden Barber Set: Ideal for open play, this adorable set has 8 parts for your little one to do “haircuts” to dolls or parents. 
  • Elephant Chuckle: Chuckle the Elephant is a charming linen toy that is soft and ready to play and cuddle. 
  • Wooden Toy Boat: Watch your child's imagination float away with this detailed wooden toy that encourages open-ended play. 
  • Dog on Wheels: Who doesn't want a dog for the holiday season!? Compromise with this wooden dog that has freely spinning wheels, perfect for exploration. 

Happy holiday shopping!