The Playful Peacock - A Year In Review

The Playful Peacock

Who else is eager for 2024?! Before we get too ahead of ourselves and start thinking about the joyful and exciting things to come, it's important to pause and look back. 

It's an amazing exercise to properly understand the gravity of the changes in our lives, including the goals we met, and things we want to focus on going forward. At The Playful Peacock, 2023 was a big year in so many beautiful ways. Here’s how!

2023 Highs

Every year, we are proud and excited by the meals we can give back to the deserving children in our country. It’s all thanks to your orders! We wouldn't be able to do it without you. In case you didn't know yet, every purchase on our site has a corresponding amount of meals that are donated. This year, we were able to give 4557 meals via our partners at Canadian Feed the Children! That's 4557 children who won't go hungry another day. 

We are passionate about children’s playtime so we are pretty strict with what brands will work with. This year, we are so excited to announce we added 7 new brands! That means a ton of new toys to be experienced! Here is who we added: Maileg, Olli Ella, Sarah’s Silks, Bumbu Toys, Wooden Caterpillar, A Kids Book About Co. and a new Canadian Brand, Tree Fort Toys.

If you haven't yet, try our toy quiz! We launched our toy quiz this year and are so happy with how it turned out. It's designed to help you narrow down your choices and pick the perfect toy for your little ones! 

2023 Lows 

As we all know, no year is without its bumps! This year, we had to wave goodbye to many of our beloved toy makers due to challenging circumstances with sanctions due to the ongoing war in Russia and Ukraine. Sadly this year we did not have new toys from these brands:

Tateplota, Skandico, Toto Toys and Izvetvey.

As we are based in Canada, we are dealing with a series of economic struggles, with one of the most pressing issues for us being the increases in shipping costs. These rising expenses have impacted not just us, but various industries, including businesses of all sizes. From the increased cost of importing and exporting goods, the burden of elevated shipping costs has had far-reaching consequences.

Goodbye 2023! 

Okay, one more 2023 high! We are very happy that you all really loved all the toys and products you discovered at The Playful Peacock this year because we only had 355 customer returns this year! We’re so happy you're enjoying all the treasures available on our site and hope you will continue loving them as we go into a new year! 

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Playful Peacock! May your holiday season be bright, joyful, and full of love.