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Gladfolk Educational "Let Nature Be Your Teacher" Canvas Banner

0-1 year

Looking for a unique toy, educational product or birthday gift? Shop our collection of handmade wooden toys that are safe and developmentally appropriate for infants.
Wooden Story Building & Stacking Handmade Natural Wooden Stacker

1-2 years

Looking for a unique toy, educational product or birthday gift for your 1-year-old? Shop our collection of handmade wooden toys and learning products that are safe and developmentally appropriate for children 1-2 years of age.
Gladfolk Educational Wooden Alphabet Montessori Board with Stand

2-3 years

Looking for a unique toy, educational product or birthday gift for your 2-year-old? Shop our collection of handmade wooden toys and learning products that are safe and developmentally appropriate for children 2-3 years of age.
Wooderful Life Music Boxes Wooden Fairy Music Box

3+ years

Looking for a unique toy, educational product or birthday gift for a child 3+ years of age? Shop our collection of handmade wooden toys and learning products that are safe and developmentally appropriate for children 3 years of age and older.

Aw & Co. Sensory Play Wooden Sunflower Plate / Sensory Tray (Made in Canada)

AW & Co.

Aw & Co. is a family-owned shop based in British Columbia, Canada. Together, Mom, Alisa and Dad, William design and craft beautiful, intentional children's products using sustainably sourced Canadian hardwoods and natural, food-grade finishes. Their small-batch products are sure to be loved for years to come!


Cozymoss Soft Toys Elephant Chuckle - Handmade Soft Linen Toy Elephant with Clothes Set


Cozymoss is a female-owned brand from Belarus and was created to enhance children's connection to the world through a bond with their sweet soft animals.

All of their toys and accessories are 100% handmade/hand-sewn using the finest materials, with incredible attention to detail.

Konges Slojd Pretend Play Wooden Doctor Set

Customer Favourites

Shop the collection of our most popular wooden toys, gifts and educational products, as picked by our customers!
Dough Parlour Sensory Play Limited Edition Sugar Date Scented Dough (Made in Canada)

Dough Parlour

Canadian Mom and Early Childhood Educator, Natalie, knew she had created something magical when her students began requesting her play dough on a daily basis. She spent more than 10 years refining and defying her dough recipe to create Dough Parlour's incredible line of non-toxic, 100% food-based doughs.

Infused with cheerful scents to stimulate senses, emotion and memory, this dough not only smells incredible, but it's also the softest dough you'll ever own. 

Dough Parlour is proud to have created an epic sensory experience, uniquely crafted to promote a happier, healthier, and stronger generation through the love of play!

The Playful Peacock Gift Card The Playful Peacock Gift Card

Gift Cards

Not sure what to get an expecting mom or stuck on what to get for a child's birthday? Give the gift of The Playful Peacock Gift Card and let mom/dad decide!
Wooden Story Teether Handmade Penguin Rattle & Teething Toy

Gifts for Baby

Our baby gift guide has the perfect toys and gifts for newborns. From handmade rattles and soothing teething toys to unique wooden toys that double as beautiful nursery decor, these gifts are the perfect way to welcome a new little one to the world.

Gladfolk Educational Wooden Shapes Montessori Puzzle Board


Gladfolk is a family-owned brand that operates from its beautiful 15-acre property in Ohio, USA. Known for their handcrafted, ethically made children's products, they are sure to be a much-loved brand in your home! 

Goose Grease Pretend Play Trailblazers Wooden Peg Dolls Set

Goose Grease

Goose Grease dolls are unique hand-crafted products, made to last a lifetime. Each doll is carefully hand-chiseled on an electric lathe in a small carpentry shop in Bogotá, Colombia, using sustainably forested wood. Goose Grease trains and employs skilled artisans to hand-paint each peg with non-toxic water-based materials, making them perfect for kids of all ages. Goose Grease is owned and run by Juan Carlos and Anna Leigh Donado in Brooklyn, NY.

Holiday Gift Guides

Shop our collection of Holiday Gift Guides
Dough Parlour Sensory Play Huggabeau "Lumi" Bunny (Handmade in Canada)


Huggabeau is a Mom-Owned brand out of Toronto, Canada with a mission to create timeless, natural loveys for the modern-day child. Entirely handmade in Canada from certified plant-derived linen, each Huggabeau comes in a removable clothing set and is finished with a hand-sewn heart, so your little one will know it was made with love. It's a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.
Izvetvey Wooden Toys Handmade Magnetic Unicorn Push Toy (Marshmellow)


Izvetvey is a small family-owned workshop in Russia specializing in unique wooden toys. All of their products are carefully handcrafted and hand-painted, gently sanded and shaped to make them safe and comfortable for little hands. The non-toxic water-based paint used on their products retains the natural wooden look underneath, making every animal truly unique. 
Konges Slojd Pretend Play Wooden Doctor Set

Konges Slojd

Konges Slojd is a world renowned brand from Copenhagen, Denmark known for its high-quality, functional, eco-friendly, Scandinavian products for children. Their toys are made with incredible detail and quality to ensure years of play! 
Little Dreamers Sensory Play Hand-Dyed Sensory Rice (Summer Rainbow)

Little Dreamers

Little Dreamers is a Mom-Owned children's brand located in Angus, Ontario.

Founder and owner, Stephanie, started creating her own natural sensory bases and play materials when she struggled to find available options for her daughter.

Her line of sensory rice comes in a variety of fun colours and supports the development of motor skills, colour recognition and cause/effect learning, and will add a pop of colour and fun to any sensory activity in your home!

Little Larch Sensory Play Wish Potion (Made in Canada)

Little Larch

Little Larch is a Canadian children's brand founded by fellow Mom, Danielle Mossfeldt, who's on a mission to create natural sensory and learning aids for kids of all ages!

Her products are free of synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives, ensuring your little ones are always safe while having fun!


Little Rose & Co. Pretend Play Handmade Wooden Toy Camera (Moss Green)

Little Rose & Co.

Canadian and Family-owned, Little Rose & Co. make the most beautiful hand-made wooden cameras right here in Ontario. Push the shutter, turn the lens, and watch as your little one snaps away! These cameras are as beautiful as they are special. A true heirloom gift for any age.
Lubulona Building & Stacking Lubulona Lubu Town Spring City Maxi Set


Lubulona is a children's lifestyle brand from Barcelona, Spain with a mission to create modern and stylish wooden toys using eco-friendly, high-quality materials. Characterized by their minimalist, yet playful style, Lubulona toys are both functional and decorative. 

Tired of highly gender-specific toys, owners & parents Tina & Jordi decided to create toys without labels. Their goal is to make a world where everyone can be a kid, regardless of gender.

All products are designed in Barcelona and manufactured entirely in Europe with the intention of keeping the environmental impact to a minimum and focusing on fair and local production.

The Wooden Kind Wooden Animals Handmade Canadian Wooden Animal Set

Made in Canada

Shop our collection of unique wooden toys, gifts and educational children's products all handmade in Canada! 
Moon Picnic Pretend Play Wooden Birds Eggs with Basket

Moon Picnic

Moon Picnic is a small US children’s brand based in California whose mission is to help create an unforgettable, nurturing, beautiful and often magical childhood in these busy modern times.

They create unique, fun designs and use sustainably sourced materials and child-safe paints on all of their toys. 

Come with us for a picnic on the moon, with a basket filled with childhood magic!

Wooderful Life Music Boxes Wooden Western Train Music Box

Music Boxes

View our collection of handcrafted wooden Music Boxes, designed by Wooderful Life. A wonderful keepsake for your little one! Exclusive to the Playful Peacock.
Nashe Derevce Pretend Play Handmade Wooden Pay Phone (NEW Version)

Nashe Derevce

Nashe Derevce is a small family workshop out of Siberia.

Their products are handcrafted using beautiful Siberian Cedar Wood and carefully polished and sealed using environmentally friendly non-toxic wax specifically created with children in mind. Their products are stylish and functional, making them some of the most unique toys you'll ever own. 
Moon Picnic Educational Wooden Magnetic Calendar

New Arrivals

Shop our newest collection of unique wooden toys, gifts and educational children's products for ages 0-3+.
Ocamora Pretend Play Ocamora 10pc Forest Trees Set (Rainbow)


Gregorio and Laura – the team behind Ocamora – design and produce their unique toys in a cabin on the outskirts of the Spanish city of Córdoba. Each toy is cut, sanded and shaped with delight in their wonderful workshop surrounded by nature, orchards, birdsong and children’s laughter.

Created using wood from sustainably managed forests, eco-friendly paints and natural vegetable oils, Ocamora’s toys are 100% free from nasty chemicals – making them safe for little ones to play with.

Ocamora products don’t come with instructions; they’re designed to give free rein to children’s imaginations! They let little explorers play and learn naturally and allow them to experience the feel, smell and character of wood for themselves.

Poltora Stolyara Pretend Play Handmade Wooden Tool Set

Poltora Stolyara

Poltora Stolyara means "One and a Half Carpenters", and is named after a father and son duo behind the brand. All toys are handcrafted using the highest quality woods and child-safe oils. These are some of the most beautiful wooden toys you will ever own.

4OurBaby Wooden Toys Wooden Explorer & Camping Set

Pretend Play

Shop our collection of unique wooden toys and educational children's products that ignite the imagination and the world of pretend play.

Shop By Age

Looking for a birthday gift or a developmentally appropriate toy or educational product? Shop by age to view our recommended products for ages 0-1, 1-2, 2-3 and 3 years +!

Shop By Brand

Shop our incredible list of brands from around the world!
Skandico Puzzle Handmade Wooden Holiday Lion Puzzle


Skandico is a family-owned brand from Russia committed to creating safe, high-quality toys that will last for generations. All of their products are 100% handmade.

Huggabeau Soft Toys Huggabeau "Lumi" Bunny in Sage Green Dress (Handmade in Canada)

Soft Toys

Shop our collection of unique, handmade soft toys. The perfect shower gift for an expecting mom, a first, second or third birthday gift, or a new addition to a playroom! 
Tateplota Puzzle Handmade Wooden Mosaic Puzzle (Boat)


Tateplota is a brand created by a husband and wife team who live and work deep in the heart of a pine forest, where they take inspiration for all of their products.
Tateplota's toys are warm, simple, and absolutely beautiful. Everything is made entirely by hand, with incredible detail and craftsmanship, ensuring toys will last for generations. They will soon become one of your most loved brands. 
Konges Slojd Rattles Mini Lion Rattle

Teethers & Rattles

Shop our collection of unique, handmade wooden teethers and rattles. The perfect gift for an expecting mom, newborn or infant! 
The Wooden Kind Wooden Animals Family of Bunnies (Handmade in Canada)

The Wooden Kind

The Wooden Kind is a small independent Canadian workshop in Sudbury, ON dedicated to the production of hand-crafted wooden toys for babies and children. The simple & modern designs of their toys are meant to help spark the imagination and creativity of little ones all while offering a plastic-free toy alternative in the home. Not only do their toys bring a feeling of nostalgia to Parents and Grandparents, but they can also double as beautiful “minimalist” home decor.

Lubulona Building & Stacking Lubulona Tunnel Blocks Fontana Double

Things That GO

Shop our collection of unique wooden toys and educational children's products for the kid that loves to move and go! 
Tiny Maker Mind Building & Stacking Floral Alphabet Blocks (Set of 15)

Tiny Maker Mind

Tiny Maker Mind is a Canadian & Female-Owned workshop out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, specializing in intricate laser engraved alphabet blocks made of solid Canadian hardwoods. These will be the most beautiful wooden blocks you'll ever own! 
Wooden Story Building & Stacking Natural Shapes Puzzle Board

Wooden Story

Nestled in the Beskidy Mountains in Poland, Wooden Story is a 3rd generational family-owned business.

Inspired by nature and built to last, every toy is made by hand using FSC Certified wood and finished with natural botanical oils and beeswax. These are the epitome of heirloom, and some of the most beautiful wooden toys you will ever own.

Wooderful Life Music Boxes Wooden Western Train Music Box

Wooderful Life

Wooderful Life is a Taiwanese brand that blends modern wooden products with the beautiful aesthetics of life. Their handcrafted wooden music boxes will transport you back in time as you listen to the delicate melodies and are mesmerized by the intricate moving parts.

As a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), Wooderful Life is deeply committed to the sustainability and ethical harvesting of lumber.