Sarah's Silks Wooden Egg

by Sarah's Silks

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Celebrate the magic of Easter with the enchanting Limited Edition Wooden Egg from Sarah's Silks, a charming and versatile addition to festive fun and everyday play. This unique wooden egg, crafted from beautifully grained poplar wood, is not just a delightful decoration but also a cleverly designed toy that opens up to reveal a hidden space. Children will be thrilled to discover they can store little trinkets, treasures, or their favourite tiny toys inside. The egg's design, free from any finish, highlights the natural beauty and simplicity of the wood, making it a safe and tactile treasure in little hands.

Perfect for an imaginative Easter egg hunt, these Wooden Eggs offer a delightful twist, allowing you to tuck away treats and surprises inside for little ones to find. Beyond the holiday, the egg becomes a key player in a multitude of imaginative scenarios, from secret keepers in a mystical land to precious cargo in a child's make-believe market. Sarah's Silks is celebrated for its commitment to open-ended and imaginative play, and this Wooden Egg encapsulates that spirit beautifully.

Why we love Sarah's Silks Wooden Egg:

  • Versatile Easter Fun: Great for storing treats in Easter egg hunts.
  • Secret Compartment: Opens to hold trinkets and small toys.
  • Natural Material: Made from smooth, unfinished poplar wood.
  • Inspires Creativity: Perfect for imaginative and open-ended play.
  • Child-Friendly Design: Safe and engaging for young explorers.

The Wooden Egg from Sarah's Silks is a delightful and imaginative playtime companion, offering endless possibilities for creativity, discovery, and Easter excitement.

  • Features

    • Listing is for 1 wooden egg
    • Measures: 3.5" tall with a 6.25" circumference
    • Made in Russia, imported to the USA from a small family company in North Carolina that supports Ukrainian independence

  • Materials

    • Made from responsibly sourced Poplar wood

  • Age/Safety

    • Recommended for children of all ages
    • Safety tested by the rigorous standards of the U.S. & E.U.

  • Care/Cleaning

    • Spot clean with water
    • If difficult to open at first put them in the fridge for a few minutes, then they will pop open. Or squeeze the top piece and twist it the first time to loosen.

  • About the Brand

    Drawing from the philosophies of Waldorf education and her own childhood of imaginative play, Sarah has been designing Playsilks and other natural, eco-friendly silk and wooden toys for over 28 years! Playsilks and dress-up items offer children endless opportunities to use their imaginations through play while fostering skills like independence and creativity.

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