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Handmade Wooden Slingshot with Felt Ammo

by Hella Slingshot

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This Slingshot is the real deal! It’s just like the wooden slingshot toy you used to make as a kid, but with an added touch of grown-up craftsmanship!

Each one-of-a-kind slingshot is handmade from forked tree branches, carefully stained with a walnut finish, twined in shellacked hemp, and outfitted with a leather projectile pouch using natural latex tubing and imitation sinew.

Each set includes 12 felt “ammo” balls (colours as shown - some variations possible). 

Handmade in the USA by Hella Slingshot.


  • Slingshots are not toys
  • Children should always be supervised by adults when playing with slingshots.
  • Always wear eye protection. You can get them from any hardware store
  • Know your target and what's behind it.
  • Make sure you have an adequate backstop for your target. Especially one that can absorb the projectile's energy enough to render it harmless on the ricochet.
  • Do not shoot at hard surfaces or at the surface of water. Slingshot ammo may bounce off or ricochet and hit someone or something you had not intended to hit.
  • Never shoot at a 90 degree angle towards your target and backstop.
  • Always shoot at an angle to your target so that the ricochet will not bounce back at you. Inspect latex tubing before each shot for any signs of wear, brittleness, or breakage. Do not shoot if latex tubing is worn or damaged in any way. Replace damaged or worn latex tubing immediately.
  • Give the forks a good hard squeeze to check and see if they are cracked or too weak to use.
  • Slingshots will last longer if stored in a cool dry place. Latex left in direct sunlight will dry and crack more quickly. Tree branches left in wet dark spaces can mold.
  • Features

    • Set includes 1 slingshot and 12 felt “ammo” balls (colours as shown).

  • Materials

    • Approximately 8"x4"x2" (20.3cm x 10.8cm x 5cm) - Dimensions slightly vary because each slingshot is one of a kind
    • Made from Mora forked tree branches
    • Stained with a non-toxic walnut finish

  • Age/Safety

    • Recommended for children 5 years+
    • Adult supervision required
    • Always wear eye protection (not included) and use caution as shots may ricochet
    • Inspect for any signs of wear, brittleness or breakage before each shot

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Quality and loads of fun!

To be completely honest, I purchased the Wooden Slingshot for myself and boy am I having fun! The process of purchasing the product was easy and painless, shipping was quick and the packaging was gorgeous!

Will be enjoying this product for years to come!